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Holocaust Lies Exposed

I grew up believing the Holocaust. TV and Film gave me

an impression of German WW2 concentration camps as hellish places which were designed solely for the purpose of killing Jews and non-white people. I had a simple vision of these camps as places where the sun never shone, the only colour was grey, skinny people always stood next to barbed wire and it was always winter...


So imagine my surprise when I discovered the concentration camps had swimming pools...




I  was shocked to discover that the alleged German death camps had a wide range of cultural and entertainment facilities for the prisoners. As well as the swimming pools there were theatres, libraries, football fields, cinemas, schools, post offices and even brothels.


This may come as a surprise to you. The Germans also provided the prisoners with healthcare.

Concentration camps had hospitals for sick inmates.

Many operations were carried out in the camps.


Why would death camps have hospitals?












Jarek Mensfelt

Auschwitz Museum Spokesman






"This is one of those things one wouldn't expect in Auschwitz - A swimming


"This is the favourite argument of the Holocaust deniers - The swimming pool,

the whorehouse, orchestra, cinema, football, boxing matches, library. Which they

will give as refutable proof that Auschwitz could never have been"





Elie Wiesel was one of the most famous

'Holocaust Survivors'. In his book 'Night' he describes

how he was sent to the hospital in Auschwitz and had an operation performed on his injured foot.


"Around the middle of January, my right foot began to

swell from the cold. I could not stand on it. I went to

the infirmary. The doctor, a great Jewish doctor, a prisoner like ourselves, was categorical: "We have to

operate! If we wait, the toes and perhaps the leg will

have to be amputated."


"Actually being in the infirmary was not bad at all: we were entitled to good bread, a thicker soup" (pg.78)


Elie Wiesel

Former Auschwitz inmate





Physical evidence of the Holocaust?

There are no homicidal gas chambers at Auschwitz and there are no videos or images of gas chambers.


Many visitors to Auschwitz Museum believe they saw

an original gas chamber where Jews were killed by the Nazis but this building turned out to be a fake.


In 1992 a Jewish filmmaker David Cole interviewed the director of Auschwitz Museum Dr Franciszek Piper. Using his Jewish identity to lure the Museum

director into a false sense of security he managed to get Piper to admit on camera that the gas chamber was a reconstruction built by the Soviets after the war. It was not original as the tour guides at the museum were telling tourists. A clear deception.



The FAKE gas chamber

The Holocaust industry claim that around 1.2 Million

people were killed at Auschwitz.


To give you an idea of how many people that is. 1.2 Million is equivalent to the capacity of 13 Wembley stadiums. This is a huge amount of human remains which would have to be cremated or buried.


Despite the claim that the Nazis killed 1.2 Million people at Auschwitz... no mass graves have ever been found. There are no large-scale ground disturbances

or mountains of ash.


The 13 Wembley stadiums of dead Jews were simply made to vanish without a trace.


Israel's own national Holocaust Museum Yad Vashem have confirmed that there is no physical evidence of the Holocaust...


Click on image for video of Ephraim Kaye of Yad Vashem >

















The MISSING mass graves

Ephraim Kaye -Director of International Seminars at Yad Vashem

1. The cultural and entertainment facilities in the concentration camps contrast the way the camps are portrayed by Hollywood and by mainstream historians.


2. The hospitals in the camps contradict claims that they were extermination camps in which the unfit were immediately sent to the gas chambers.


3. The gas chamber in Auschwitz shown to tourists as original turned out to be a fake Soviet creation built purely for propaganda.


4. There are no mass graves in Auschwitz even though it's claimed 1.2 Million people had been killed.
















Holocaust Lies Exposed

Reasons to doubt the official Holocaust story

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Reasons to doubt the official Holocaust story

Carlo Mattogno has written a unique book detailing the healthcare

prisoners received in Auschwitz.